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    Melody Rose              
  Melody Rose

Founder of Melody Pole Studio.
* Melody is 2 times Pole Dance Hong Kong Champion 2009, 2011
* Hong Kong Pole Dance Champion - Best Costume 2009
* Hong Kong Pole Star 2011.

Melody is the choreographer and instructor for many celebrities,
movies and tv productions, includes:
Ivana Wong Concert pole dance instructor and choreographer in
Hong Kong Ballet Ball 2017 pole dance instructor,
ViuTV D.N.A pole dance instructor and choreographer,
Movie Yuppie Fantasia 3, pole dance instructor and choreographer,
Local Drama production <Pole Drama 1,2> pole dance choreographer
and soloist,
Cable TV program celebrity instructor pole dance instructor

Every year, Melody will lead her MPS Show Team to perform in
Hong Kong and around the world.
Miss Pole Dance Asia Pacific 2015 guest performer
Pole Theatre Hong Kong 2015
Annual MPS Pole Competition
Future shows:
Alex Pole Competition 2017 in Barcelona
Miss Pole Dance Australia 2017 in Sydney
Felix Cane Pole Championship 2018 in Perth

Melody will take her students step by step to achieve their goals.
Her passion and friendly personality will make every student
addicted to pole just like her.

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    Marcus Vanes            

Studio Director



Maria been dancing all her life, ballet, Jazz, Modern,
Contemporary, Musical, was dancing professionally in London
West End, Germany and Austria. While working as a Pilates and
Gyrotonic and yoga instructor, in 2011 she started to explore
Aerial silk and Pole dancing and got hooked. She is known for her
elegance and grace with strength and flexibility. She believes with
proper alignment and good awareness with body and mind can
create beautiful and sexy movement.


* MPS Pole Competition 2015
Best Costume, Best Choreographer, Elite Division Champion,
Ulitmate Champion

* Pole Theatre HK 2015 Pole Comedy Champion

In 2014, Vicki participated the first MPS training course and became one of
the pole dance instructor. Vicki enjoys over coming challenges and pushing
her body to the limit. Vicki is attracted to the fitness and sexiness of the
dance moves. She feels that, coordinating a dance routine with gorgeous
costumes and performing on stage is an exquisite act.

Vicki's class is always fun yet relaxing, so that her students can learn the
moves and the techniques easily. Vicki wishes that all her students can
appreciate themselves through practicing and learning pole dancing.

  Dimple * MPS Pole Competition 2015 Best Entertainer.
* Pole Theatre HK 2015 Pole Drama Finalist and Best Costume Winner

Dimple has been practicing pole dancing since 2012 at Melody Pole Studio.
Her dance career develops by participating competitions and different forms
of dance performances. She has taken home the title of the
"Best Entertainer" at 2015 MPS Pole Competition.

Dimple enjoys combining the sensuality and flexibility of pole dancing with
music with strong beats. With her energetic and outgoing personality, her
classes are always full of laughter and happiness. She believes her
positivity could make her students to be patience and not to give up even
when facing challenges.

Harmoni has had a passion for the performing arts since her childhood,
and has lots of dance and performing experience. She is attracted to the
uniqueness of pole dance. She believes that learning pole dance not only
develops your dance skills, fitness, and flexibility, it improves your
self-confidence. Aside from exploring different pole moves, Harmoni also
enjoys learning different types of dance, such as Jazz and K-Pop.
She always puts her heart into teaching, and hopes her students enjoy
every single class.
  Tammi * MPS Pole Competition 2015 Elite Division 2nd runner up.
* Pole Theatre HK 2015 Pole Comedy finaist.

Tammi was just a working woman without doing any sports until she
found pole dancing but she fell in love with it after her first attempt.

She’s especially good at handling powerful tricks and entertaining
performance. With the passion to advance her skills in pole dancing,
she attends pole classes around the world every year. On top of that,
she also takes different kind of dancing and yoga classes.

Tammi is a detail-oriented person, she loves to break down the tricks in
detail and explained clearly to her students thus it would be very helpful for
her students to understand the technique. With a positive personality,
she keeps encouraging her students to work hard as she believes that
‘Nothing is impossible if you are sustaining to try your best!’


Pudding is passionate dancer. She has never stopped dancing in her life.
She has tried ballet, Chinese dance, Jazz, Hip Hop and has been an
assistant teacher for Chinese Dance Exam class for a few years. When
she came into pole dancing in 2013, she has immediately fall in love with
pole for its super challenging, sexy but elegant nature and began she pole
dancing journey in Melody Pole Studio ever since.

Pudding loves to teach with a friendly, encouraging and positive attitude.
Seeing students improving and achieving their goals is her motivation.    


• Pole Theatre HK 2015 Pole Classique Finalist
• MPS Pole Competition 2016 Elite Division 2nd Runner Up
• Dance Filthy Australia 2016 Amateur Division 1st Runner Up
• Pole Theatre Sydney 2016 Pole Classique Semi Pro Division Winnier

Daphne fell in love with pole dance since her first lesson at
Melody Pole Studio back in 2014. She was immediately addicted
to the sensuality, glamour and power of pole dancing.
In addition to performing, she has found her passion in teaching.
Using her background in gymnastics and training in contortion,
she teaches each trick and dance move with theory and
technique to help students understand more.

Daphne hopes to share her naughty and sexy style with her
students, and help them become the sexiest version of
themselves they can be. Daphne’s passion and diligence for
pole dancing shows through her creative floorwork and flexibility.
She is bound to help you reach your goals on your pole dancing


* PPS Aerial Performance Tournament 2014 Amatuer Men's Winner Pole
* Theatre HK 2015 Pole Classique Finalist Mr Pole Dance 2016 Finalist

One of our male teacher at Melody Pole Studio, Leon! He begun his
journey in early 2013, after his first class his immediately passion
for pole dancing grew and he wanted more!
Throughout his years as a student he followed under many great
teachers of this studio. Currently Leon instructs the more
foundation levels of the studio, with great detail and standard
he makes sure you've got the moves right and most important
you've got them sexy. He's also notorious for his incomparable
His style ranges from sensual elegance to high speed high
impact moves that leaves audiences wanting for more.
With stage performances coming to him naturally he's a master
at stage presence and presenting yourself to the audience.
But just because he's a boy doesn't mean he doesn't
understand how to move sexy and fierce, you'll be suprised.


• Pole Theatre HK 2015 Pole Drama Finalist
• MPS Pole Competition 2014 Best Costume Winner
• Miss Pole Dance Asia Pacific Guest performer Team

Emilie has 5 years pole dancing experience.
She is also a professional bellydancer.

Emilie has a great MPS style and recently she is developing
her own pole dancing style that combines her knowledge of dancing.

Emilie is a member of MPS Show Team. She performs in Hong Kong and
internatioinally for the team, as well as a soloist.

Emilie has a gentle heart and great attention to detail. She cares a lot for
her students. She will use her patience to make all her students a
beautiful dancer, just like her.


* Pole theatre Sydney 2017 Semi-pro Pole Art Finalist .
* MPS Pole Competition 2017
Elite Division Champion
Best Costume
Best Entertainer
Overall Champion .
MPS Pole Competition 2016 Premiere Division Champion

Mo graduated in City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media with BA(Hons) Creative Media and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with BFA (Hons) in Performing Arts, majoring in Contemporary Dance. During her studies she was awarded various scholarships, included Sir Edward Youde Memorial Scholarship, Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Scholarship, Hong Kong Association of University Woman Undergraduate Scholarship, etc. She was also awarded scholarship from Asian Cultural Council to participate in American Dance Festival.

Mo has the enthusiasm in integrating dance into different media. She won “Jumping Frame Dance Video Award” and “Special Award for Hong Kong Dance Filmmakers” in Jumping Frames Dance Video Festival 2008. It was selected to screen in Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Macau, Japan, Singapore and Hungary in various dance and media art-related festivals.

Mo is experienced in both local and overseas dance performance. She has been a full-time performer in Hong Kong theme park for two years, and also worked as performer coach and choreographer. Mo has been teaching kids, teenagers and adults dancing for several years. She thinks that imagination can help to learn dancing. It is easier to manipulate and understand the use of body. She always believes that performer with stage presence and confidence could add sparkles on performance. Therefore, besides the pole dancing technique, she also emphasizes the emotional interpretation of the dance in her classes.


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