2018 Term 1 Enrollment Day
VIP 9 Jan 2018, 11am
Others 13 Jan 2018, 11am

We have a new website.
New timetable, classes requirement, price are all in the new website
Please go and have a look
New website / Enrollment Link

Term 1: 29 Jan 2018 - 1 April 2018 (Term break: 15Feb-21feb 2018)

Enrollment and e
nquiries please email us melodypolestudio.reception@gmail.com

Pole Dance Class Lesson  
Burlesque . Contortion . Acrobat  
Pole Fitness . Chair Dance  
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Hong Kong Kowloon New Territories  
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Melody Pole Studio

Founded by 2 times Hong Kong Pole Champion,
Melody Rose.

Melody Pole Studio was founded in 2012.
We now have 3 studios in Hong Kong and over 3000
Melody Pole Studio is one of the most renowned pole
dance studio in Hong Kong.
Melody Pole Studio believes in protecting and
promoting the exotic value of pole dancing.
At the same time, we create different style pole dance
classes to promote diversity in pole dance
performing art.

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      Lunch Time Courses Discount            
  Weekdays Day time courses $1650 /8weeks. (original price $1950 /8weeks)
Same person enrolled in second course, $1300/8weeks.

Night time and weekend course $1950/8weeks (2nd course $1300/8weeks)
Special course $2150/8weeks (2nd course $1500/8weeks)。
    First time student
      Current Student Discount            
  Discount Enroll in 2 or more courses in the same term, you will receive a massive discount
on the 2nd and subsequential courses.

1st Course $1950 (Special coursel $2150)
2nd Course $1300 (Special course $1500)
Subsequential Course $1300 each (special course $1500)

Special Course:
Chairbaret, Floor Tease, Exotic beg/flow Jay's classes:
$2150/1st course, $1500/ 2nd
Exotic beg/flowm, Jay's weekday daytime course:
$1950/ 1st course, $1300/2nd course

Don't forget if you join 3 more more course, you will automatically become our VIP.
VIP students receive:
1) Free practice sessions in that term
2) 10% off workshops

If you enroll in 2 courses, you will receive 1 free practice session!

*Flexibility lvl 1, 1st course $1600, 2nd course $1000.
Flexibility lvl 1 cannot be counted as the first course..

    Enroll in 3 or more
courses in the
same term
becomes VIP.

* 10% off
* free practice
* free locker
      New Student Discount            
  Melody Rose Pole Dance HK First Timer All first time students receive a special discount on all
courses in their first term.
All Courses: $1520 / Course (8 classes, 190 per class)
Cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts